Too High Poly!

I made a object for a game and it has too much polygons how can i reduced the polygons in blender?

have you textured it yet?

if yes:
start over

if no:
start over

possibly play with the decimator slider [edit buttons top center], press apply to overwrite your mesh with what you see. uv coordinates, vertex colors, and material assignment are all lost.

You don’t have to start over, just go over your model removing edge loops that you could live without. I posted about making an automated way to do this, sort of an opposite to the face loop cut tool because I think it would be very handy and make your job a lot easier (assuming you’ve modelled with good edge loops to begin with).

Without such a tool, you have to manually remove these edge loops and it can be a pain because it takes the faces with them. The thing is, automated poly reduction tools don’t work very well usually. I used Maya’s version once or so and it really just messes up your model. In future, try to think of what you’re modelling for and use appropriate resolutions. There aren’t many tools that can beat good modelling.

One of the best ways to reduce edges/faces without affecting the image much is to convert 3 parallel lines into 1 by using a diagonal quad:

/ _______
__\ /

Wings has a nice way of removing edgeloops by using a tool called “bridge” I think. I dont know if thats the name of the tool for sure though…

Anyways, this would be a neat tool to have in Blender.


nope, that isn’t the name

the bridge option would connect two faces with the same number of edges with that many [the number of edges] faces. so, if you bridge a quad on two cubes it would kind of be like if you extruded one quad to the other quad, removed doubles and deleted the face left [from the original quad].

what you are reffering to in wings is:
select an edge loop
delete the edges [not colapse, that is something else]
switch to vertex mode, and select verticies with 2 edges
delete them

you probably could on an edge ring [an edge ring is a set of edges set up like the rungs on a ladder] just colapse all the edges

it is a lot of work to rebuild a mesh for lower polygon counts. if it already more than 3000 quads and you want it, say, 500 you’d probably be best off starting over [perhaps however modeling on top of what you currently have to keep the size and proportions]

Thanks Soo much the decimator bar worked well my model went down from 15888 polygons to 786 and it still looks great!