Too many adds

Whats up with all of these wholesale whatever adds on blenderartists?:confused:

I do not know, but it seems they have disappeared just as fast as they got here.
Thank you mods! :slight_smile:

lol, they did! they were only there for like five minutes! Has there ever been other adds like that on here?

We get spambots all the time. They sign up and post advertisements. The system catches most of them before their posts appear, but occasionally one of them manages to get through the safeguards and post anyway. If you see one of these posts, please use the report button - and someone will come and get rid of the spambot as soon as possible.

I guessed I missed that one - was off the 'net when that happened.

Too many Dā€™s in your thread title too.

was it shoes again? what seemed like an evil al bundy led to new users needing to hit a certain post count before they could post links