Too many bikes on my scene

Hello all

so i’ve got a road scene with 30 motorcycles, riders (with rigs on them).
after doing the first 5, i duplicated 25 more and now my scene is almost 800mb, render is impossible.
link objects can’t be animated (?), so what would consider an elegant solution ?
rendering with basic materials (for now) with Cycles render


Linked objects can be animated. Create the mesh and the rig, group them together. In the receiving blend link the group, your mesh will appear, un-editable and with no rig. Then press CTRL+ALT+p and select the rig. Now animate to your hearts content…

Now the animation is in the receiving file and the model and rig are in the linked file.


Will it speeds up my render time ?

I don’t know, but I doubt it.

thanx place57

another question, on every motorcycle i have a rider with rig, used just for position, no animation needed.
after riders are sitting, can i delete the rig and leave rider on his riding posture ? deleting rigs will effect render time ?


sorry for digging, but last question (for now),
on each material (cycles), sample as lamp is turned on, even the simplest material.
do i need it ? does it slow my render time ?

I can not answer your cycles questions. I don’t use cycles (yet) because of hardware constraints.