Too many Crappy Models

Im sorry, I dont want to offend anybody, but as of late I have seen hundreds and hundreds of CRAP models posted on elysiun. I know other members have expressed my same feelings. There are posts of spheres who have a reflection on them…I dont know about you guys, but to me, it makes it look like this is all blender can do.

I call for and end to these posts and immediate deletion by the moderators. I dont see why good works and works someone has spent hours, days or even months on, has to be OVERSHADOWED by some goof ball with a 10 min render loking for advice on how to better light a cube and a sphere.

Im not gonna name where, but other forums would not tolerate this.

We should be showing GREAT thing blender does. Not the excitement of a new user because he found the Reflection feature and Ray Tracer.

Im glad new users are picking up blender and I wish them luck. But we either need a forum for new users to post the same things Over and Over. Or have some sort of minimum requirements to be able to post. Maybe have more moderators to vote on and decide who can post pictures…Where is the future of elysiun going. Will it be a tangled mess of Great Works and ray traced reflective spheres.

Again I dont mean to Offend. I Just expect more from elysiun and its users.

{edit} This is prolly why all the great artists dont post here anymore.

What on earth are you high on? this wouldnt be much of a blender forum if we all couldnt post our works “just because we’re not good enough”…

that’d be some serious discrimination and if something like that happened to me, I’d take it as a personal attack against me and my art. :-?

And just for the record, bad works simply cant overshadow good works, think about it yourself: BAD/GOOD/BAD/GOOD (I’m not saying anything IS bad, but assuming if something was)

if something is bad, I’ll forget it in 5 minutes, if something is good, I’ll remember it for a looong time.

Ja, Ja, ve also need ze gestapo.


Hmm, I don’t think I share that feeling. A good render will never be overshadowed by a so called “crappy” one. Also when I want to see some amazing renders by others I don’t really have to put much effort in finding them on Elysiun and I doubt other users experience something different… I might be wrong there though…

A newbie forum is not such a bad idea, but letting moderators decide who may post pictures I find uhm… crappy! Not only I think it would be lots of work for the moderators it just doesn’t feel right either. There are lots of newbies around whom post the “same stuff” and there will be more in the future… to me this is just a good thing meaning Blender gets more users. Also it’s good fun to see more posts of newbies while they develop their skills and all of a sudden create a real scene…

As I said before a newbieforum might not be such a bad idea, but many posts by newbies have the word “newbie” in the headline aswell… so if you are really bothered by those posts just skip em…?
btw. I like the excitement of “goof balls” discovering “simple” things aswell… the journey needs to start somewhere, we’ve all been there anyways…


I kind of agree with Enriq766 though. I’ve noticed it a lot too and I said this already but some posts look like they are from the same kind of people who would scribble a rude drawing on a bathroom stall.

Yes, we might smile when we’re taking a whizz but we would hardly look at it in the same way that we would a piece of art that shows a great amount of effort has been put in. There are quite a few pieces that have been made with effort but I find it’s getting difficult to find them because there is so much crap.

Sometimes I visit the gallery and after 3 or 4 pieces that I view, I just stop looking rather than waste my time searching for something decent.

Now people will say well why don’t people who whine about it post better work instead of stopping all the crap? Well, me personally, I don’t consider many of my works up to a high enough standard that I would post them and I don’t think that’s a bad attitude to take.

Too many people just think great I’ve clicked render so that means it’s done. I just think there’s too much freedom that people don’t think within themselves that they shouldn’t post.

Other sites showing 3D art have a reputation such that people tend to not post crap because there is a certain level you are expected to post at.

I honestly believe that a rating system would work wonders on Elysiun but let the users submit ratings.

Even bittorrent sites have ratings for the quality of a file, how hard could it be to implement? Then if there was a gallery that automatically listed all works with more than 7 out of 10.

I also think this would cut down the number of fanboy comments because instead of making useless comments, people can just place a vote.

just a side note: there are always idiots that have nothing better to do than to vote 0/hate/suxx0r to every poll they come across. ;]

Hang on…I thought we have the Focused Critiques section so you wouldnt get much of those so-called “crappy models”??? hmph…guess focused critique doesnt really mean focused critique.

I agree

Hm do you mean this

Well the balls have nice shaders.It is not that bad

Anyway I have seen a much worse render.My first render hehehe

I think it is true that we should avoid useless posts which do not bring anything else than self satisfaction to the one who posted it and deteriorate Blender’s image as a professional tool. I think however that everybody should be allowed to post if they like and that we should not ban beginner’s art.

Perhaps we should introduce more categories in the forums where people would choose to post their art as beginner’s art, to get usefull critique about their work and advanced art, where people would transition between their level of knowledge of Blender.

We could also have a admin’s/moderator’s choice gallery where the best piece of art would be shown. This way everybody would be free to post and Blender’s image would be safe. People visiting Elysiun could choose to see the best of blender or what they would be able to do as beginner.

I also have the feeling that people find it an accomplishement to be able to post on other well know CG websites where teams of moderators decide whether the piece is good enough or not. When they think they are at that “level” (I think it is very subjective here) they move to these websites and forget about good old elysiun.

Introducing a vote system would also perhaps satisfy the apetite of some people for fame and self recognition.

Personnaly I do not mind seeing spheres with reflexions but I understand this could make people think this is the only thing Blender can do and therefore deteriorate Blender’s image.



Some people here know that i am creating an art /design site /community. One thing that i was going to do was restrict what can be posted into the gallery.

I’ve defined, and still ammending to it everyday that art is a piece showing emotional, creative, skill /talent. For design i categorised it more in “a piece of work that is made for a functional purpose, which can be done in a asesthically pleasing way or not as the case may be” this would be, for example… webdesign where the “functional purpose” is to control the content, make it user friendly etc…

Of course, my site to be is slighty different than a forum for simply 3D (with exceptions to the traditional section) so you can’t expect everything to be ‘art’ or a ‘design’ related, but i believe this method to be a rather pratical and sound way to solve such a problem from people posting pointless things, y’know like MS paint, nothing that was done on a serious level or anything which my site isn’t made for displaying.

The only problem that i would have is from people simply posting images which lacks the quality people like to see, although it is suposed to be a design or “art” etc… which it is technically, but is just of a poor standard, so i would encourage them to post thier works not as final submission but as a visual aid to their capablilties (in the beginner’s forum, for example) so others can help them progress and improve thier images thus they are admitting that their work is not the best in the world but they can progress as aposed to thinking it is the best thing since the dawn of time and post it as a final submission wanting people opinions on the quality /aesthetics which isn’t in the piece etc…

Blender, should adopt such a method in my opinion, maybe not as harsh as mine, but i have totally differnt goals and targets so …

There is plety of room for improvment, but i supose we’ll have to simply ask for these features in the blender artists release.

Perhaps we need a ‘beginner wips’ forum?


I think part of the issue is that people post WIPs in the finished projects forum instead of the WIP forum(s). It’s one thing to make small changes to something based on user feedback but another to post something knowingly unfinshed and use the finished forum because it gets more traffic.

it should be called “the kiddie forum” :wink: and then also only Forum Gurus should be allowed to post in Finished Projects. :wink:

The best way to make sure simple newb renders don’t overshadow the more experinced users work in Finished Projects (that is what this is about right?), is just don’t post a reply and let it quickly disapear down the thread list. If someone has some advise to give the individual then PM them…

What on earth are you high on? this wouldnt be much of a blender forum if we all couldnt post our works "just because we’re not good enough

Hirpo: Im not trying to imply that people should be denied the ability to post 100% I just trying to say that elysiun should have a place where people can post things such as Tests with reflection, light tests, and general tests of all sorts. The Wroks In Progress implies that it is a Work that is to be compete and part of a larger Work that is soon be be done. This is not the case in alot of the renders I have seen of late. Im not saying I am elite, I would never post anything unless I knew in my heart that it was worthy of showing. There is 1 WIP i have posted in the last year. And its the same one I have been working on everyday for the last 4 months. Im not saying that my post is more important than a rendered reflective sphere…but when you look at the way professionals view blender and weither it is a great 3d app or not…then they come here to view the kinds of works that blender can do…they see renders of cubes, spheres, and textured text…Not the kind of ART that the great blender artists have put out. I feel so sorry that people like landis have abandoned blender for Maya. He did things in blender that others could only dream. In cluding my self., and what happend to his post It got Locked…to be lost in the forums. I personally was inspired by landis and his post. Im sure alot of other people were too. It showed them what THEY could do too. Instead we lock away great art, and promote bad ones.

I am my biggest critic, so no matter what anyone can tell me on elysiun, I KNOW I did not do a good job. Thats why i dont post 100 crappy renders a month…I would rather post 1 good one a year than embarrass myself like that.

I have to agree with Enriq776.

I’ve seen to many sphere balls that reflect another reflective ball, it gets kind of depressing after a while.

What Ive find is that people use the tutorials provided learn something new like making a reflective ball. And then put it in elysiun to get comments on it, and because everyone has seen the exact same tutorial seeing the near exact same render from 50 noobs can get boring.
What they should be doing is learning how to make a reflective ball, and then createing something entirely diffrent from it like a car, or skyscraper buildings with reflective windows.

I’ve on only created one thread of my own, here and that was my luigi model, which I posted in the WIP section, even tho I have completed it. i still dont belive it should go into the Finished section as it was only a test for my actual modelling and rigging of a model.

People should take more thought on what they post.

Posting on elysiun is a privellage not a right.

What they should be doing is learning how to make a reflective ball, and then createing something entirely diffrent from it like a car, or skyscraper buildings with reflective windows.

Or a teapot! Now wouldn’t that be fun.


and a square
also a triangle!!! humm… no becaus u have to modifie a shape to do that.

you know. i finally got a piece onto the cgtalk forums recently, and i was quite ecstatic to have finally produced a piece that was considered good enough to make it onto the finished work board.

something like that here might not be a bad idea… heck, i am sure there are a few people here in the community who would be glad to help moderate acceptance into a “finished work gallery” section.

no need to change anything in the WIP section, but perhaps finished works could either become moderated for entry, or spawn off a seperate forum for just finished works that get accepted?

In my case my first couple of works got rejected from cgtalk, and it just made me want to produce a finished work that would be “worthy” of acceptance. I guess I just wanted to work that much harder to get an entry in :), and as such rose to the occasion so to speak :wink:

or as mentioned earlier, a voting system might be nice as well!

pld I agree it would be good to just have a forum for really good finnished work.