too many decimal places when exporting!

I am using blender to model for another program, that importd .obj files, but it can only read a few decimal places, but blender exports 6, resulting in the other program reading 0.160000 as 160000

is there anything I can do about this? right now, I am opening the file in a text editor and replacing all of the numbers, which is a tedious process, to say the least.

Modify the .obj export script.

Possibly make the model your exporting bigger? So its not using so many decimal points.
Blender gives you the habit of making things smaller than what other modeling software would expect.

Actually, the other program I am importing resizes anything I import into a 1x1x1 bounding box.

Anyway, I managed to get a partial solution where I got it to show the UVs as something like: 6E+07, and I simply replace the +07 with -01, and it works-ish