Too many faces with Text modelling

Hey guys,

just wondering if there is any way to reduce the file size of 3D text. When you create 3D text there are a LOT of faces…I already did a “Limited Dissolve” on it to limit the faces but the file size is still way too large for what I need to use it for. Is there any way to reduce this? Or am I stuck?


Please supply an example.
Reduce file size or poly number. If so to what ? Why do you need it smaller?

Here’s the file. The blend file is 1.42MB and I export it to Three.js and then that file is 1.09MB. I need it about a 1/3 of that size of possible.

text test.blend (1.43 MB)

That exporter does not come with blender and I’m not going to try and find it. There are certainly file formats that will save such geometry as a much smaller file size (.obj 603 KB), or even as a blend file (467 KB). If the format you use is not as efficient you’ll have to make the text simpler. Triangulate it (Ctrl+T) to see what the mesh actually looks like. There are certainly characters with vertices very close together or vertices that are not required. Removing doubles and increasing the merge distance may remove some but be careful of further cleanup. If you don’t need both sides of the text remove the back faces.