too many features, but not enough focues on the modeling

Hey all,
I have started to use blender more and more, but only its side features like the fluid simulation and the compositing, but I feel that if you want to attract more users maybe you need to bring some more exiting modelingfeatures. I use modo and for normal Sub-D and polygon modeling and Rhino for Nurbs and I feel that Blender is lacking behind both of them. I place where I feel Blender is lacking is on the interface, but that is another topic.

what do you miss in blender tool wise?

i have to disagree about the modeling tools, there is nothing difficult about the modeling process if you go into the modeling process knowing what you want… so many people strongly dislike the blender interface, i feel that the interface is clean and couldnt be any easier to learn if one reads the documentation. everyone has a right to an opinion

Nurbs in blender is lacking, unfortunately, but what do you miss about mesh editing?

We have sub-d, multires, soon full sculpting and topography tools, and loads of other stuff. At heart I’m a vert pusher, but thats another story.


what’s missing is a hemesh implementation! it’s a pity that this didn’t get accepted as a google summer of code project. :slight_smile:

i find n-gons are extremely important for a faster modeling workflow especially for organic models like humanoids. deleting an edge shouldn’t delete the neighboring faces, and adding edges shouldn’t split neighboring faces.

but the great new sculpt mode and the retopo tools make up for the lack of n-gons quite a bit.

Personally, I think keeping things to where things are all quads is good as it forces good modelling practices rather than “look at my face constructed with octagons”. Though I do admit that having the ability to do some more freeform things before getting to all quads would be useful.

At some point (actually it was supposed to happen in SOC 2005) Nurbana Code was being integrated into blender. I wonder where that project went.

yes, n-gons aren’t nice because you would want final models with n-gons (though there are cases where this makes sense too). n-gons are nice because they give you a lot more freedom during modeling. they also would make some interesting additional modeling tools possible.

What documentation, I have read the documentation and I no longer buy that this is any thing but egotism. Who ever designed this UI should know that the damn thing actually makes users mad. The majority of people I have mentioned the wonderful sculpting tool to said no way will I use that purposely misleading, confusing, hateful interface. I have never seen such hatred for a UI before. Now after using it again for a while I remember how much I despise it. Hey I’m not asking any to change it. Leave it like it is, but I won’t spend another minute trying to understand it now that I realize its a game. I’ll use what I like and skip the rest. I’m off to buy Silo 2. Can you now understand how much at least one person hates the mother.

if you hate blender so much why don’t you just move on? :slight_smile:

watch it kakapo. that is an unwarrented response. criticism is never a negative thing.


watch it? :slight_smile: he calls blender’s developers and users egotistic idiots and i just suggested to move on. i didn’t really insult him or anything. to me his criticism is a negative thing… read his recent posts…

Yeah, but who the hell hates blender’s interface? I mean, yeah, there’s a learning curve, but it’s one of the best! In my opinion.

Here you’ve got thousands of people who love it.

it took me under a week to get used to the interface itself. it’s as clean as any other program. it’s just different.

frankly i don’t think there’s that much hate for the blender ui at all. (well, maybe in the maya or max communities, but that doesn’t apply here.)

It’s funny because I’ve heard that Blender’s UI is probably it’s best feature. To the point that some pro’s will do models in Blender and port them to Maya. I’m sure the learning curve is a bit steep, but the workflow optimisation you gain in the longer run more than makes up for it.

I’d be willing to bet, (with cash), that our speed modeler’s would run circles around any other app’s representatives.

criticism is never a negative thing.

vistag0’s criticism was negative. In fact, he even explicitly said that his criticism wasn’t intended to be constructive (“I’m not asking to change it”) he just wanted to vent his frustration about not being able to learn how to use Blender.

Which is of course his own problem because there are plenty of people who love the interface, and in any case, it’s not going to change simply to accommodate people like him. At the end of the day, he’s probably better off using software that he is able to learn.

NURBs support would be a good thing, and it seems that the Nurbana project has gotten stalled. That’s one thing about open source software, is that it depends on coders having the time and inclination to do these things on a volunteer basis (unless funding comes from somewhere, of course). Almost everybody agrees that better NURBs support would be great for Blender, although there seems to be some disagreement about how high a priority it is.

The new sculpt tool and the, what’s it called… multi-resolution? mesh modeling that will be implemented with it might help satisfy the initial poster’s desire for more powerful and varied modeling tools.

with all honesty blenders interface is what you make of it, some people are accustomed to certain things. thats the best thing about open software anyone can change it to meet his or her needs.

Yes I am positive it is negative, but don’t take it that way, because I do not have the time to waste on a deliberately obtuse UI anymore. I purchased the “Official Blender 2.0 Guide” way back when and you take the time to read it and see what I mean or skip it. Many people actually get MAD when I mention the UI. I have never seen this to this degree before. Blender is brilliant in many ways, but not the UI for me or other people that will no longer waste time with the Magical Wunderland UI any more. Change it don’t change it what I am saying is I hate the damn thing. I am not trying to be constructive, I am telling you people that it gets in the way of many people’s creativity and I am giving up. So the big idiot ego crowd that refuse to change this monster UI win. Good luck and Good bye. P.S. Nicholas you have done a wonderful job with the sculpting tool maybe the UI genus won’t make it an ungodly pain to use.

Goodbye… cough (psycho) cough… :rolleyes:

Can you now understand how much at least one person hates the mother.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

what I am saying is I hate the damn thing.

Dude, I think what you need is to fill your heart with love.

I purchased the “Official Blender 2.0 Guide” way back when and you take the time to read it and see what I mean or skip it.

And you’re just now getting around to using the help forum here? It’s no wonder it’s been a steep learning curve.

We’re here to help, man. Feel the love.