Too many materials - 2.66

I have imported a large number of objects and I find that the material drop downs now list many, many materials with names like 2material 1.001 and 2material 1.002, etc.

I have two questions:

a) Is there a way to delete all those materials from the drop down list? Nothing I’ve tried works, not the " X " button and not the " - " button.

b) Is there a way to assign the same material to many objects at once. So far, when I select several objects and assign a material, only one object is effected. Then I have to assign it to each of the other objects separately.

Thanks for any clues.

A. To get rid of the materials, they have to not be assigned to anything (including the fake user “F” button) when you close blender, I think Shift+X
B. link material data (Shift+L maybe, not 100% sure about the quick key)

Pressing shift-x and then saving your blend will insure they don’t show up again when re-opening.

Thanks for the replies. If I select all the objects and delete the materials, only one object is effected. Shft L is a useful command (thanks), but since every object was assigned a different material upon import, it doesn’t help here.

So far I find that materials can only be dealt with one object at a time (I have dozens of objects in this project).

It would be nice to be able to select everything, delete all materials from everything and assign a new material to a group of selected objects instead of only one at a time.

Look at ctrl-L instead of shift-L.

Select all of your objects,… make sure the last selected (active object) is the one that has the material you want. Now press ctrl-L and choose material. This will copy that material to all the selected objects.

The old materials should now have 0 users to their data, and should be removed if you do a file save and re-open.

THANK YOU rcpongo! Ctrl L is the answer. I still can’t get rid of all unused materials - I have one that I am sure has no users, but it remains in the materials drop down like a ghost of Christmas Past even after a re-open.

UPDATE: I now understand it is possible to have more than one material associated with an object but only have one showing. Ghost materials are now gone.

Thanks again.