Too many materials

Hi! Could someone plz tell me how I can assign the same material to parts of different objects, without having blender make a new material every time, and without having to join all of the object? Or is there a way to get rid off unused materials?


in face select mode (the best way, but other modes work as well but not as intuitively), select the faces you want to have a material, then in the Buttons window, select the material from the selection list (click the arrow next to the material name to see the list). I think that is it. for more info, see

Unused materials, those with a 0 next to their name, are automatically deleted when you save the file (actually, they just arent saved) .

Thank you. Thats what I been doing, but the problem is when I need to have more then one material per object. Hence, I have to click new, and then assign for the second material, which automatically creates a new duplicated of the previous material, I then go to materials and change it to the same material I have on other faces.

once you have the list of materials for the object created, using the Multiple Materials index panel to assign them to different faces. Sounds like you are just switching the base material. The multiple mat index panel is down next to the Vertex Groups panel. see

thats what I been already doing if I understood you correctly, and the manual tells me the same thing (which I read like a year ago and today). The problem is that every time I want to make a new material link for a set number of faces in the edit mode, it automatically creates a new material by only changing its name, it should just use material that I already assigned to the object, or one that I already creates. This would not be a big deal if it was for only one or three objects, but I have about 23 that I have to do exactly this for every object:

-select object
-select a pre-made material
-enter edit mode
-select a group of verts I want the second material on
-click new and assign (new material created by default <— not needed)
-select a pre made material number two

now do that 8 more times…

restart blender to drop unused materials out of the way

now do the steps 8 more times…


5 more times


work flow = sucks :frowning:
hand = ache :frowning:
time = not much left :frowning: