Too many polygons


Im planning on making a first person shooter. I decided to start creating some of the gun models, and I chose blender. Now, bear in mind, I am by no means an artist, and I have no experience with 3d modeling. The first model I decided to make was a glock-like pistol that I had planned on animating (the slide and stuff). but now that I have almost finished it, and was planing to learn how to texture it, I found out that it has over 200,000 “faces”. Somthing told me that this was not appropriate for a game. If sombody could tell me how I could reduce the number of faces to somthing usable for an fps I would be very happy. I have uploaded my .blend file to megaupload : Thanks.

Well, there is one really useful addon for that, its called surface sketch, you have to enable it in new blender builds which you can download from
With that script you can easily reconstruct low poly model on top of high poly one.

There are also Decimate modifier and Mesh->Poly reduce script