Too many polygons

I made my first model in blender, a glock-style pistol intended for an fps in the unity engine. It has over 200k faces, and I was wondering how I could reduce it to a number that is appropriate for a game. here is the .blend file :

I acidently made 2 threads because I thought the first one didnt go through :o

i cannot help but would like to know how to increase the number of faces. all the tutorials show shapes having many faces, but my shapes have a very few number of faces. is there a setting somewhere to change the number of faces, edges, and vertices?

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Use this guide:

Hhihi… did you read the OP?
He is looking for a way to reduce his polycount, not a tutorial how to export to unity :smiley:


I actually DL your file… 43 megs? you should use the compress file option next time before saving and sharing it :wink:

Sorry to say, but your pistol is rather useless for a game engine.
If you do something for a game engine, you make it low poly in the first place.
You can add detail later to bake normal maps and all the other texture maps to apply it to the low poly model.

The only way I see for you is to download meshlab and try their automatic poly reduction tools (which are quite good) but it will end in a complete mess.

You can also try to use the shrinkwrap mod on a subdivided cube and then retpo it to match your pistol, or simply retopo it.

For what I see you made it right for the grip part of the pistol. It started with a basic geometrie and you sculpted the rest (where there is no need to sculpt a pistol IMO)

If you go to sculpt mode for the grip part you see the multires levels. You can switch to lower levels without loosing the detail of the higher levels. And thats the trick. You bake normalmaps from the highest level, then switch to the lower levels where the detail matches your LOD, and export it to your engine and use the textures made with the high poly model.

As the upper part has no multires but only tons of useless geometry, the model is not useable for game engines.

For such stuff you got to plan ahead:
What is the target system
How many polygons can the system handle per frame for 30fps av.
How many player models will be visible.
Do I focus on background, characters or props.
How do I distribute the available polygons amongst them.

You dont make a model and then reduce the polys till it matches the engine.
You decide BEFORE you make the model how many polys it is allowed to have at most and then make the best visual experience with the least amount of polys possible. Thats the art in low poly game modelling :wink:


tbh there is not much use for this model, I would not use sculpt for hard surface models at all, the result will just not be good, especially not if you use it this much.

I don’t know if you intended to bake it as a normal map, but it doesn’t sound that way, if that was the idea I would redo the model from scratch following a tutorial like this one:

to get a good high poly mesh.

If you just wanted to create a low poly mesh I would redo it from scratch anyway using some ordinary low poly modeling, you could still get nice details in there and it would be cleaner and more low poly.

Good luck!

Blahahblhabl… did you watch the video? It details how to make a low poly model from a high poly specifically for Unity.

Try again.

Heres the desc:

“In this tutorial we examine how to export a model from Blender to Unity 3D and import it into a game. The tutorial also demonstrates how to bake a normal map and a color map from a highpoly model to the lowpoly counterpart, real-time display of the color/normal maps in the Blender viewport with GLSL shading, and real-time updating of assets in Unity.”


You got to work on your attitude… I could come down to yours for a minute, but not for too long, as you might beat me with experience then what I read of you in other threads. :eyebrowlift2:

And yes watched it… 90% unrelated to the OPs question as it requires to have a low poly and high poly mesh of your object, which he does not have and he was looking for a way to reduce his poly count. Where would he bake his normal maps on? His only options are to try with automated polyreducers, or to remodel the pistol with clean subD modelling, and for neither of those the video helps. That’s all I am saying.

Try the decimate modifier, and try something about 0.4, which will make the model 80k polys.

These replies are accurate, but not terribly helpful. What you need to do in this case is retopologize your model to a lower-res version, then bake the details of the high-poly version into the low-poly version. You can probably get away with a gun that has less than 1000 polys, maybe less than 500. There are a slew of tutorials on Youtube.

I resurrected this thread because, despite its age, it’s one of the first results on Google, and it ain’t my job to manage other peoples’ subscriptions.