Too many problems - Need a little help

First to say - I had no clue where to post this, so here seemed reasonable. Hello, I’m a newbie here (obviously) but not so much on blender - I’ve been working on a recent project, but just now notice some problems I cannot seem to get around. Normally, I create mesh characters by sculpting spheres, but this time I tried sculpting a cube for more ease. Everything was fine until I was done sculpting, and decided to add armatures - But my little target icon that shows where my armature is going to be isn’t there! I add the armature, and there’s no armature - I even test a cube - no cube. And if I left click anywhere, it doesn’t appear! How can I get it back?
Among other problems is my weight painting - I think it is because I sculpted a cube, but I’m not sure - I started painting my character, but found out that only the Z coordinate original faces of the cube were being painted - Why not Y or X? Right at the seam lines of the original cube, the painting ends - All horizontal sides of the mesh are blue. Why? Can I possibly fix this? I really hope I can, because I want some fur on all sides for later . . . Thanks.
(Oh, and if you need pictures to visualize my problems, I’ve got some.)

By target icon, do you mean the 3d cursor? If you want to get that somewhere obvious, you can select an object or a vertex and press ctrl-s > snap cursor to selection. You can also hit C to center the view on your cursor.

You wouldn’t be seeing the armature if you can’t see the cursor, because the armature is added where the cursor is…

If I misunderstood, maybe some images would be good.

No, I can see the cursor fine - It is this.

My original screen looks like this :

Now, if I insert a cube, and then “view selected” the icon is there, and I can freely move it about . . In the middle of nowhere, where I still cannot see a cube or even the grid that shows I’m actually in a place that exists. If I go back to my normal view (top, camera, etc) Then I am back to the normal of not being abled to place it or see it (the target)

that’s the “3D Cursor”, just so you know.

My advice, press “Shift+C”, to resent the cursor’s(the target thingy) position. If it doesn’t appear then(right at the origin), then I dunno what else could it be.

Ah - Thanks a bundle. It did indeed work, but why then? Is there a reason it didn’t before? And - Now, the only thing left to solve is the weight paint issue.

Have you got a picture of your problem with the weight-painting available?
For what it’s worth(in case it helps), you need to paint weights for each bone.

Ah! Thanks - That worked.