Too many sound files?

I’ve about 30 sound files in my blend. When i add a sound actuator I now can’t choose which sound I want. The “browse data” option comes up and then … nothing. I’ve got around this problem by setting up the logic brick sys for the sounds in another blend from which I then append into my main blend. This is tedious. Is there a way around this problem, have others run into this?

This is a bug in blender, the only way is to make all the maps and all seperate and when you have ssett the sound right you add all the maps(all the models+ai… ) in 1 .blend file, but then you cant change it the sound :expressionless:
Sorry but there seems not to be anny other ways %|

I have done it 2 years ago. I had to use 52 sounds in a blender game and I have found I can’t do it. So I and loaded into blender all sounds, created all actuators and assigned sounds to actuators, where it was possible. Then I analyzed saved .blend file and assigned remaining sounds to actuators using hex editor. Surprisingly, it worked. There is a proof - it’s a program for teaching to read clocks (in Slovak language).

But, how did u do that? Where did u edit to make it work?


he added sound when he open blend file in hexadecimal code…
yea… he is creazy. I have had this problem and i still have it.