Too many vertices on my level curves


Trying to get the level curves from an Autocad file (3D), I have imported a .kmz file made from the .dxf. The import took a very look time, because each curve is made of… tens or hundreds of thousands of vertices. I have two questions:

  • How can I actually know the number of vertices of a selection? For example I did a loop selection (alt+B) of a whole level curve (it took 10 seconds on a G5 dualcore!) and I would like to know how many vertices it is made of.

  • How can I simplify the curve? The equivalent of a decimator, but for curves. Does such a tool exist? I guess I could use the random selection tool, but there is a risk ok removing some actually important vertices?

Blender is great by the way :cool:

Nobody to help me?

As far as I’m aware the maximum resolution that any segment of a curve in Blender is capable of having is 1024 (a segment is any section of a curve that lies between two controll points). This translates to 1024 verticese when the curve is converted to a mesh vi the Alt+Ckey function. The curve resolution can be viewed and adjusted via the “DefResolU:” field(located in the edit buttons(F9 key when a curve is selected). By selecting acontroll point (in editmode) you can adjust the resolution of all segments to a uniform resolution via the “DefResolU:” field, whether that is to the maximum resolution of 1024 per segment or to the minimum resolution of 1 per segment. It would be nice if you could adjust on a per segment basis and maybe this is possible but I dont know how to go about it. It’s kinda late here in the States, sorry about the response time but there’s a heavy volume of Elysiun members sleeping here.

Well thanks :slight_smile: this will be quite helpful indeed :cool:

thanks for the former reply but it doesn’t really solve my issue. The level curves I was given - well indeed they’re given to me as meshes, ie big polylines like loops of vertices - have far too many… vertices. I would like to, say… “downsample”, “clean” or “simplify” them in order to divide the vertex count (how do you count vertices by the way?) by at least 20 and roughly keep the same shape - and it is possible because there is so much redundancy it would make you crazy all these useless vertices side by side:eek: :mad:.

Please help

I FOUND IT I found a way to simplify my superheavy curves.

Decimator only works when there are faces so… I extruded the curve… decimated it… and removed the bottom vertices!