Too many vertices!!?

this is annoying

im pretty sure i dont even have that many

what can i do? here is the blend file, you’ll notice at the bottom there is a mount peice for the struts at the bottom, which i cant duplicate for all of them, because i run out of verts

any ideas?

and please dont steal this :S

ariship pier

oh man, i am such a dingus

i just realised that theres about a million things i can do to reduce my verts

hooray for making rivets with 32 32 UV spheres %|

i apologise.

feel free to look at a good example of how to max out on your vert count, or, perhaps the mods should remove the whole thing…

sorry guys…

Its very detailed though and is looking good! is this for an animation or just a still?

It will be just a still. thanks for your comment!