too much hairgel

How do I get hair moving?
I figured out how te create nice looking hair with particles but it stays static and that doesnt realy look nice in animation.

thanks in advance.


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I am just getting started with the new particle system, so you will have to bear with me. Basically, there are 2 methods you can use, both involve “Forces”. A force field applied to an empty (wind), or a curve guide. If you are using the latest official release, then this document should be all you need.

If you are using the new particle system (SVN or one of the release candidates for 2.46) then a few things may be different , but the concepts are the same.

These simple examples were created with the new particle system in an older build from (about 2 months old).

Force Field
Curve Guide

I hope this has been some help!

Best of Luck!

thanks for the reply.
I played around a bit with the force fields but didnt not get nice results yet.
So if I understand it well the linked movie is done with force fields?

Is there any info on the web or tut. that shows what the "best"settings are?

thanks again.


I would say that video did not use force fields for the animation. Also, according to the comments, they did use the new particle system - which as I said I am just getting started with. Here is a link to some of the documentation for the new particles:

In order to use the new particles, you will need to download either RC3 or get a build from

The 2 methods I mentioned were primarily used with the old particle system, but can still be used with the new system.

Here are some more links that may be of interest:

Best of Luck!