Too much shadow for a Glass Bottle

I rendered this in Yafray. Default settings except exposure is turned up to 8.
The bottom of the bottle is casting way too dark of a shadow. I’m not sure how to fix this.

When the bottle is not so close the floor, it looks fine.

Does anyone know how to fill the bottle with a liquid? I can’t wrap my head around how to go about it. I can imagine making a mesh for the liquid, but how to place it inside the bottle without breaking the bounds of the bottle mesh, and without leaving a gap between the two meshes.


I had an pretty good(i thought) idea about how to get a liquid in there. Since the bottle is hollow… that is to say I modeled the inside of the bottle as well as the outside… I figured I could take the faces on the inside of the bottle and flip the normals, make them the color of my liquid and voila! But it gave me this weird effect. The faces are nothing but black. The color should be a bright sky blue with some nice SSS for a beverage effect.

As you can see, the effect worked for the top of the liquid. This is what puzzles me. I took an edge loop from the inside of the bottle, extruded and scaled it a few times to make the top of the liquid.


I fixed both issues with one simple slider: The shadow bias slider in the Yafray settings. The “Bi” slider.


Glad to see you resolve your trouble.
so simple and so beautiful material that glass you have there. Did you mean Yaf(a)Ray instead of YafRay? is it the 0.1.0 version, isn’t it?

Ah! Sweet! I didn’t know that the new version was out.

This bottle was done with Yafray 0.0.9

I should have turned this thread into a WIP. I got all my textures working, plus I added a personal touch:


Turn on the “transparent shadow” feature. This makes the shadow intensity depend on material alpha.

Transparent shadows is on for both the bottle material and the floor material. Toggling this option has no effect anyway in Yafray 0.0.9

I’ve also noticed that the “Bi” slider only helps when the bottle has the liquid mesh in it. When the bottle is empty, I still get a dark shadow under the bottle cast onto the floor. It should be noted that the bottle is floating off of the floor a little bit just to rule out any overlapping errors.

It looks fantastic except for this issue. I’ve also experimented with fluid simulations and I get this issue here as well. Once the liquid passes the boundary of the bottle it becomes so darkly shaded that it’s almost completely black. Pics coming soon.

For the shadow, try increasing Raydepth some more. From the camera point of view the light has to travel through the glass eight times(to reach the floor and back), so Raydepth at least 9 should cover it.

I’ve turned raydepth all the way up to 24 and I still get the same results.

I’ve included the blend file.


sobe.blend (525 KB)

I was thinking more of the situation in post #1.
Here is the answer here.

Excellent, thank you.

OMG. Yaf(a)ray is a massive headache! Haha. Everything in my scene is f&*%#ed. The automatic defaults are all gone and I have to redefine all my materials. The resulting render looks like [email protected]#$*t. I see myself going back to 0.0.9 real soon.

For whoever might find this thread usefull in the future, the way to make this work is to throw some photon lights into the mix. Getting the perfect effect will take some trial and error, but that is what is working for me. : )

What no render?

'Ere yah go!

Not quite perfect, but not bad!

BTW these renders only take about 5mins or less with a 2.2ghz AMD ML-40. That’s pretty quick!


I wonder why the caustics from the green bottle don’t shade green around the edges?

You’re right. I cant seem to get anything but white caustics. I’ve tried changing the glass to “Colored Glass” transparency settings and changing it to different colors, but all I get is white.

Strange. I’ll try higher depth settings in the photon light parameters.

I got it! Dispersion Power needs to be turned up just a tad in the transparency settings of the material. And, unless you turn the samples up, it discolors the material itself.

This doubles the rendering time. ; ,(

I realized that the IOR’s for the glass and the tea were the same. The pic on the right is with correct settings:
glass IOR: 1.5
tea IOR: 1.33

The difference is huge.

Of course, now I have to figure out how to sculpt a big lizard on the neck!!


Really cool, thats a great glass material. Love SoBE.