Too much smoke

Hi there,

rendering smoke in blender internal because I need large smoke and it is not good in cycles. In cycles one frame renders 5hours in very bad quality, in internal it takes a few seconds and has better quality than with cycles. But getting to my Problem:
The smoke looks fine and is I want it in 3D-view. But when I render it, there is way too much smoke, the whole Domain fills up with smoke in 3-5frames, it never gets nearly as full in 3D-view. How to set the internal renderer to render as much smoke as is shown in 3D-view?



Unfortunately there is no button of function for this operation: the preview is a OpenGL render and will always be different from the “real” BI-render.

So you will have to adjust the material, till the amount of smokes fits for the final render - and not for the preview…
I guess lowering the density scale of your domain material will help.