too stupid for blender?


I am new to blender and have therefore bought the official guide book for 2.3.

Following every step of the gingerbread man tutorial to become familiar with the interface I encountered the following problems:

a: the Bkey box selection did NOT select all verticies of the object as described and I had to rotate the view to select each one seperately.

b: inserting the lamps as directed by the book (I tried it 6 times!!!) the rendering appeared invisible (all white) with some tiny grey shadows. (Using yafray didn’t help much either!)

c: it did NOT take 30min at all - more like 3h

Am I too stupid for blender?


a. You have to turn the model into wireframe mode by using zkey first. Then the bkey selection will work okay.

b. Does your model have a material assigned?

Please check out (updated?) version of the tutorial at

No, you are not too stupid for Blender. :smiley: The first steps are the hardest. It is the same as learning to ride a bike. You fall a few times but after a while you will get hang of it.

P.S. There are more tutorials at and in case you are a visual learner check out video tutorials at

Thanks for your reply!

I’ll give it another go!

and no - the model did not have any material attached as it is the next chapter in the book after they congratulate you to your first render!!! :frowning:

Thanks again

It has nothing to do with the material, therefore the order in the book is ok. Sounds like your scene is overlit. Either you have increased your energy values or you put all your 6 lamps on top of each other… :wink:

… or you placed area lights instead of spots (or whatever is used in the tutorial), they have a much higher light emission!
Delete all lamps and try again with a singe lamp light.

It might also be useful to look through the releaselogs to see what has changed/added since the release of the book:

a. You have to turn the model into wireframe mode by using zkey first. Then the bkey selection will work okay.

Or, if you prefer to stay in solid mode while in edit mode, make sure the ‘Limit Selection to Visible’ button is not depressed.

It’s the button with a picture of a 3d box to the right of the different selection methods (Vertex, Edge, Face).

I would just like to add to the selection of vertices,

Since the new version of Blender came out like version 2.35, 2.36, 2.37 and above (not too sure about future versions), the selection of vertices in shaded mode changed. To select all verticies:

  1. You either use the “a” key to select all vertices belonging to the entire object OR

  2. You select the object in object mode, then press TAB on your keyboard and using the box selection, you should be able to select the overlapping vertices.

The older version of blender however, like versions below 2.35, would allow you to select all vertices including the “unseen” vertices in shaded mode.

I hope this clears up the idea why you can’t select all vertices and needed to rotate your view to select the vertices that were supposed to be selected :slight_smile:

As for part C ( “c: it did NOT take 30min at all - more like 3h” ),

I think what nico said sounds like your situation. Increasing the amount of lamps adds to render time; the last time I tried it was in Global Illumination and soft lights and shadow where I had to duplivert 1 lamp into 64 lamps. The render took a long time to load until it finished.

Another thing I suggest to be checked is that you didn’t subsurfed Gus to a subsurf level higher than 2, just checking.

One last thing to mention is - no you’re not too stupid for Blender. You just need some directions on some part of the tutorial that’s all (pretty much what everyone’s trying to tell you :wink: )

Good luck,


Thanks to all of you!

All very helpful and I have since managed to finish the tutorial and even got him to move!!! :smiley:

Now I just need to learn how to draw in precise dimensions as I want to use blender for architectural models - reading on in the manual… %|

Thanks again everybody for your help!


Good to see you’re getting the hang of it, making Gus move was a great moment for me also.

Some things about snapping in blender:

Alot of people seem to miss this, SHIFT will make very small movements and CTRL will snap but CTRL+SHIFT will change the step of the snap. This also works in number input fields.

Also in almost all translations you can simply type the amount in instead of using the mouse. You can use the tab key to change to the next field if you want to enter a different value for each axis.

Also don’t forget about the widgets, if you hold down SHIFT and click on an axis handle like the X axis which is red, that axis will be locked so you can scale or move or rotate only the other two. You can also do this with the keyboard if you press SHIFT+X, Y or Z during a translation.

One last tip, there are two panels you can open from the menu, one is “Transform Properties” and the other is “View Properties”. The first one will let you enter the location, rotation and size of the selected object precisely. The second will let you adjust the grid and change the location of the 3D cursor among other things.

Hope that helps you on your way and good luck.