Tool Development - Blender Model Viewer

I don’t usually post in this section but here goes.

I am in the process of pitching an idea at my workplace to showcase our products as 3D models.
Obviously in the case of online showcase we will use Sketchfab, however in certain situations in field marketing networking might not be available or limited, so we would need an offline showcase viewer.

Essentially what we need is the front-end of Sketchfab and its functionality, except offline.

What the tool needs to do:

-Intuitive interface without requiring specialist/technical knowledge
this includes, rotation around an object/scene, selecting object pivots, simple lighting setup/adjustment, etc
-Dynamic annotations
-loading and viewing Blender-native files
or alternatively an easy exporter like sketchfab with its backend functionality
-simple animations
-optimized to run off standard office hardware (core i5 laptops)


-mobile app for android, ios, WP10/8.1

Please get in contact with me over PM with quotes.

Post questions about the job here, i will answer them as detailed as i can.

Be advised this is in pitch-stage so theres no immediate job to be done yet. What we need is a cost estimate first and then it can still take months until something needs doing.
Don’t under-value your work, we are talking about creating an authoring tool for a company, we are ready to pay some good money for this. We are also ready to establish a support/service contract if required. We will purchase exclusive rights for this tool as well.


-money :slight_smile:
-working for a multi-national corporation (once you get in contact with me and acknowledge the NDA ill tell you which one)
-could lead to a long-term contract for support

hello I have been using php Image:3D for this simple free solution ( sslow with clientside renderer(Javascript) good thing about server side render option is it is pre rendered,however you cannot use free phpcloud with serverside rendering) As you have an optional App suggested you should consider for java swing/jogl rendering (looks way better). it’ll cost ya 300 bucks and a day for escrow. let me know if i can help

Can you be more clear on what you mean?
All of what you wrote doesn’t tell me anything.

Might be talking about this

could easily do what you need for a grand or two maybe less depending on requirements.

Be advised this is in pitch-stage so theres no immediate job to be done yet. What we need is a cost estimate first and then it can still take months until something needs doing.

Sounds interesting! while reading this I was wondering, isn’t this all covered in blend4web already.
I m just curious, I guess you must have seen it and still pitching on a different front. Just added what I know so far ! :))

I agree with visualizer; it seems Blend4Web provides exactly what you need. In fact I’d recommend “cloning” the Sketchfab interface and using it for all purposes, with the difference that it would load local files for offline systems. Also, for multiple products, I’d recommend a single “application” that loads the content dynamically, and not one product per page or iframe/canvas. That of course depends on your requirements, if each product has an actual web page with information and the 3D viewer would be just a part of it, then it wouldn’t make sense. Unfortunately I don’t have experience with Blend4Web so I can’t offer my services in this case.

However, if for some reason you don’t want or can’t use Blend4Web, I’m a developer and have experience with that kind of product visualization. I could provide a simple Blender script to export the models and provide an app (WebGL and Mobile Native) that would work as the Sketchfab viewer. If the products have a web page, I could make a scraper to load the data dynamically and display it inside the application, so we could have some fancy presentation for the data, and also easily store the contents from the the web page for offline usage.

Basically, my question is regarding whether or not Blend4Web is suitable for your needs.

Since I’m still getting proposals for this:

The project is currently in review, this means it is on hold until logistics are sorted out.
I will post an update here if anything changes. However i would not count on it in the nearest future.

Cheers everyone

I didn’t get your last sentence Adam.