Tool guides not appearing

I’m running Blender 2.49b on Windows 7. I have been reading through the tutorials and working on my own models, but have found that the tools’ guides aren’t showing up–for example, the circle around the cursor in “circle select” mode, and the lines left by the knife that show where the cut will be. I can continue working without these, but I often have to guess at what I’m doing. I’ve already tried to re-download and re-install the program, but it doesn’t change anything. Does anyone know (or can guess at) why this is happening, and how to fix it?

Check that there aren’t any more recent drivers for your graphics card. Graphic glitches seem to be more prevalent in intel integrated graphics on laptops. A lot of these type of issues seem to have been overcome in the 2.5beta releases.

That is what I have: a “Mobile Intel 4 Series…” graphics card on a laptop, unfortunately with the latest drivers. But the 2.5 beta doesn’t have those problems, you say? I’ll check it out. Thanks!