Tool Recommendation?

Hi all.

I’m looking for a tool that will split/join images while preserving the Alpha channel. Ideally the program would support PNG images, though TGA is also OK.

Here’s one utility I found:
It’s OK, but it doesn’t preserve the Alpha channel when joining images (only when splitting them). Also, the UI doesn’t works so well in my screen resolution.

Here’s another one:
I like this one more. However, it also doesn’t preserve the Alpha channel. And, the images snap to the upper-left corner, which isn’t so great.

Alternately, if someone could recommend a command-line or point-and-click tool for splitting the alpha channel from the source images, it would be great, too.



huh? what?

are you merging things that some evil person has cropped with imageready or something?

the gimp has a filter to split the image on the guides, and you can about as easily use the guides to properly join back together that kind of thing.

but if you mean join images from different photos that have been rotated or something then I think you’re out of luck

Could you explain how to use this? I was unable to find this feature last time I used the gimp.