Toolbar keeps changing on key presses

toolbar keeps changing when I work with blender. how can I stop it from changing?

I think it has something to do with pressing alt or shift and sometime when I want to do loop cuts with ctrl + r it will keep the lmb to loop cut tool somehow!
It started happening after 2.82

2.82 introduced a new feature (or in my opinion, a mis-feature), which is not even mentioned in the release notes. That is the toolbar prompt: a “leader” key that you can hit which then lets you hit another key or key combo to activate a tool or do some operation. By default this “leader” is Alt (both of them). When you hit it, a “prompt” appears in the status bar. When you next hit some key, you’re going to get what that prompt says. Naturally, now if you hit Alt for a combo but then change your mind and release it, you have to deal with this stupid prompt before continuing.
Considering that the prompt doesn’t even fit into the status bar, and the general outright asinine behavior of this so-called “feature”, its inclusion (let alone silent one) begs too many questions.

To turn it off, go into user preferences, Keymap, Window and nuke the two bindings to “Toolbar Prompt” that should be somewhere at the bottom of that list.

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Thanks man.