Toolbox (restored old toolshelf menu's)

I quickly made this addon to bring back the old toolshelf from before tabs.
It creates a tab called toolbox
, select it for the old toolshelf.
I dare say there’s some fixes/updates needed. If anyone finds any issue let me know & I’ll try to update.

Love it, works like a charm :smiley: Many, many thanks!

hi VickyM72,
I’ve already updated, there was an error in texture paint, there’s sure to be more bugs, needed updates…

great to talk again, drop into irc & say hi again once & a while :wink:

Thanks for the heads-up, and it’s great to see you too! :slight_smile:

Hi meta-androcto,

I am excited to see your last release…Thanks a lot for this toolbox!

I’m impressed at how great this really works , the toolbox tab integrate very well in the UI.
Thank you for that addon.

I spotted a bug, in the sculpt mode, in the Toolbox tab you have a Topology panel that is an incomplete list of the Dyntopo tools.
The complete version of it can be found in the Tools tab :

( disregard the “Extras” tab in my screenshot, it’s where i moved some addons i use that lacked a bl_category entry )

Sanctuary, thanks for heads up, I will fix tonight

edit: fixed dynotopo panel:)

edit 2: renamed all panel code to avoid conflict with blender tabs & some clean up.

Thanks for the fix, i noticed a few more with the lastest version :

  • In the Weight Painting, in the Tools -> Stroke you have the entry “Input Sample” , but in the Toolbox there is no “Input Sample” entry in any of the panels .

  • Still in Weight Painting, Toolbox -> Weight Tools is missing the “Quantize” and “” that is found in Tools -> Weight Tools

  • In Texture Paint Mode, i noticed the “Input Sample” from the Tool -> Stroke is moved into Toolbox -> Project Painting

  • In Vertex Paint Mode, the “Input Sample” from Tool -> Stroke is moved into Toolbox -> Options

  • In Sculpt Mode , the “Input Sample” has gone the same way as in Vertex Paint Mode

Sanctuary, thanks for help, I need to cross reference the old & bring the new functions changes in, your list helps.
I’ll get on it today.

No worry, take your time, the addon is already very usable thanks to your efforts.

ok, big update in first post.
fixed many issues, added in new builtin features & merged into old menu’s.