Tools for curves

Hehe Oops sry i misspelled that.
Ive fixed it, and added another small tool, modify Nurbs Weights.
It works on edit mode if we select a nurbs spline.

Seeing the growing success of this add-on I’d suggest you to enhance the first post in two ways:

  1. add a version number to the script name or at least inside the python code;
  2. add a changelog / history with dates, so everyone knows at a glance what’s going on.

Keep up the good work!

Nice script, I like the new merge feature!

you would be very welcome to add your script here:
I’m sure we could get this into svn Contrib, then after a code review, move it to release.
thanks for the cool script :slight_smile:

looks promising :slight_smile: thank you very much !
I would like to ask you if there is some feature that can protect wire from this shorts:

See wire in layer 6 Download .blend

I wanted to make this socket from one peace, finally it’s from three.
Can I control a density of wire for specific parts?

I know what you mean, but im afraid im not skilled enough to make an adaptive surface fit yet. Loft with 60 does a good job but many vertices arent needed. Maybe computing the derivates of the curve could work.
Im working on the same functionality for nurbs and another algortihms like cut/interesect curves.

One workaround would be splitting the rounded corners into new curves. Ill look into this when i finish the ones im working.
Loft at Layer 6 fails because all the splines are joined into the same object. If we join the splines the loft doesnt know which sequence of curves
has to be followed.

Glad you like this, ill release more soon.

@Mackraken: 60 is too much I know, there is a version in Layer 3 with only Loft 12 and Subdivsion Modifier.
Anyway my ask was out of range this mesh possibilities :slight_smile: When I saw it, it gives me impression of Nurbs modeling :slight_smile:
Now when I start to thing about topology, there is not solution for my ask.

But thanks for script, great one :slight_smile:

Looks good vklidu!!
Mackracken you are doing a great job!

Ive released 2 new tools, subdivide and split curves at a given point.
Its the first version so tell me if it does funny things .
Im having troubles with nurbs. If you know any algorithm to evaluate nurbs curves please let me know.

Thanks for the comments and see you soon.

No problems here!
Could i suggest some ideas for your curve tools?

Good news, thanks for the update!

split and subdivide are looking great in the video… very useful untill Blender own tools are updated
I think you were able to ctrl+click a segment to add points some time ago, that would be nice too

The script in the link above I do not get to work. Please tell me where can I find the right latest script.
(Noob, version 2.58, windows XP,32bit)

Mackraken, i like your scripts, i was just wondering if it would be possible to make something similar
to Rhino3D’s “Control Point Curves” where you can turn “edit points on”
(they are alot easier to use than than “bezier type curves” IMHO)

you can download a trial of Rhino3D here fully functional for up to 25 saves.

Im sorry, most scripts are broken or doesnt work on 2.58 due to api changes.

Ive tried to make this work but no way. loft and birail are broken, i guess that subdivide, split and merge still works but i have to check that yet.

I like your work, would it be possible to add different curve types other then Bezier curves?

here is a video of a Curve editor.

And here is a video Nurbs Curves Rhino4 <–the good part starts about 3:30 to the end

I just feel Bezier type curves are hard to work with, Rhino3D “Control Point Curves” or B-Splines would be really cool, if possible.

sorry for the multiple posts,
im a noob here and i didnt know the post went though. .
(if you dont have enough posts it wont show up right away or something… )

Ive fixed the script, now works on 2.58

awesome! well done!

I still have problems. I downloaded this addon for version 2.58, but it does not correctly. When I make three curves and loft them properly all objects (the three curves and the shape) are separate objects and curves can not control the surface shape.
I have looked many many times the tutorial videos, but i do not figured out what i`m doing wrong.
Any help ? (Yes, noob is noob, i know)