Tools in 3DS Max with parallels to Blender

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to post this. I wasn’t sure it would be appropriate to put it in “Modeling” or “Other Software.”

So I’ve been watching a lot of hard surface modeling tutorials lately, most of them being done in 3DS Max. I’ve been watching them at 2 or more times the original speed, just to get through them faster. I’ve noticed I’m having to constantly wonder or remind myself what comparable command or tool exists in Blender, which kinda saps my attention for a second. I even have to stop and open Blender sometimes to test a tool out and see if it functions similarly.

So I had the idea to list, even in the end if it’s only for my own sake, some of the commands, utilities, addons, etc., for which I can find parallels in Blender. Ideally, I’d like to be able to find some kind of parallel for every command, assuming one exists.

For reference, this is one of the tutorials I’m watching right now, if anyone would like to see what I mean:

There are some fairly obvious ones (I’ll post more as I think of examples):

3DS “Cut” | Blender “Knife” - press Z to cut through the mesh, like the guy does constantly
3DS “Connect” | Blender “Loop Cut” - can also be done by just selecting and subdividing edges
3DS “Constrain to edges” when moving verts | Blender “Vertex slide”
3DS Extrude on “Local Normal” | Blender “Inset” with depth > 0? or maybe extrude and “Fatten”?
3DS “Chamfer” | Blender “Bevel” (roughly - the new one at least :))

This is kinda relevant in cases like 3DS’ “Connect” tool - you can create more than edge and slide them toward or away from one another in one dialog box. Not so with Blender’s Loop Cut dialog; is there a more perfect alternative?

I know this may not be a terribly useful thread unless you’re in the habit of watching tutorials made in 3DS Max. But it’d also be a good resource for those migrating from 3DS Max to Blender.

this can be made into webpage with images.useful for maxers wanting to try blender too.

I think it would be a great idea to have a more visual guide to the comparisons between Max and Blender, i started out in Max myself before starting work for a studio that used Maya, so although i’ve put together a similar tools guide for Maya users getting into Blender (which i would recommend (obviously) to anyone coming from any or no application) I’m tempted to outline a Max version also.

Although perhaps someone else is already putting one together. The more inter-operability and overall cg community participation the better in my mind. :slight_smile:

if it becomes a long enough list, i might add it as a separate web page to my blog. :slight_smile: thanks for the idea.

@bat3a - mind if i include your modifiers list in such a page?

mind if i include your modifiers list in such a page?
nope, go ahead.