Tools of the Past - Still Life

Hi Good Blender Folk,

Here is my still life piece I created to show my fond and nostalgic memories, memories that are still expanding with future games. Just like common generations, game generations will fade out and communities will dissolve. Unless you’re a Halo fan, then it’s a different case :slight_smile:


Some details:
Rendered with Cycles, CPU (12 threads)
8 hours of rendering
Branched path tracing
Cleaned using a combination of intel denoising and speckle removal in 2D software.

Here you can visit more work


Awesome work!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Out of subject, but I always laugh a little when I see “still life” because in my native language french it’s called a “dead nature”.

Have you tried with the gravity gun turned on? Not with a strong glow, that would destroy the color & light balance, but a really slight glow just to not make it look like a piece of rusted metal replica.


That looks astonishing!

Any tips or tutorials how to use it?


very high level work. Very nice :slight_smile:

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Amazing! Good detail.

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Hey @L0Lock

I experimented with it but with the gravity gun turned on it would look more ‘‘alive’’ so that is why I kept it off. But it is a good suggestion :slight_smile:

Hey @ostapblender

There are several denoisers as you might know, Intel and Optix. There is the classic despeckle node in the compositor and using the billateral blur node on the diffuse indirect might help to clean up some noise (enable normal for the determinator). Krita also has some G’MIC filters to denoise. It was a combination of these techniques that I used.

Thanks Bart :slight_smile:

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