tools position

Hi !!!

How can I put the button window (the one that shows “links and materials”, “mesh” etc when, for example, pressing “f9”) vertical so that it seems like if I had split the screen horizontal (on the left side the 3D window and on the right the button window) like this:


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l 3D window l
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l button window l


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l 3D window l button win. l
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RMB on the bottom or top horizontal edges of a window to split it vertically. If you RMB on inside the border instead of on the edge, you’ll get the Header/Top/Bottom choice instead.


Having tried the split vertical, it works great,BUT:
putting the buttons on the right 1/4 of the screen and 3d in the rest. You cant see all the buttons. They do not realign to fit the area but are buried. And to view/use them you have to slide the viewing area to the right each time. Not very helpful in my opinion.

Is there a real way to spit the screen with main an the left and buttons on the right?

Right-click in the Buttons window and choose Vertical.


RMB in the view that has your buttons and you will get an menu for “Panel Alignment” choose “Vertical” and you’re good to go.

D’oh - Fligh beat me to it.