ToolShelf Subpanel

I am not sure if I’m in the right area…
I am trying to create landscape… I installed ANT Landscape
I go in and do ADD > Mesh > Landscape

I am following instructions in a book …

I zoomed in to see the landscape… I changed the random seed in the landscape subpanel and then was to change the Mesh Size to 800

but NOW, the landscape subpanel just disappeared I cannot make any of the other settings and cannot find a way to bring back the landscape subpanel..  ??? any suggestions?? 
Is there a way to get the landscape subpanel back?  I have deleted the landscape, re-added it and same thing keeps happening.. once I make the random seed change and the Mesh size change.. it goes away and I can't find a way to bring it back


Once you toggle into Edit mode or deselect the Landscape, the Submenu disappears for good and you can’t go back to re-edit. But you didn’t do that, as you write.

I don’t know why your Landscape disappears when you set its size to 800, but cranking up the Mesh Size to 800 in the Submenu seems not a good idea to me, since you loose all the detail which you set with the other sliders. Keep the size small while creating the Landscape, then when you are satisfied with it, scale it up as a mesh (going into edit mode gets rid of the Submenu and makes an ordinary mesh out of it)

Hope that helps…

Oh okay… thanks… I was following the instructions in Blender 3D Basics and it had me set the Mesh Size to the 800 creating an area of water and land and on the land will have a port, cove and breakwater area…both the ocean and the land was set to 800 … am just learning so some things are a little confusing right now… this said it was a beginner’s guide …complete novice’s guide to 3D modeling and animation.
If anyone knows of a good book that would be good to use for learning, maybe someone could post back what it is… Right now, been learning some by trial and error…
thanks for response…
have a good day

I don’t think you even need a book. I learned Blender just by watching tutorials. I don’t even follow the tutorials that I watch. I watch tutorials for techniques. I never have any intention to recreate what they do in the tutorial.

What you probably want to do to start off is just figure out something you want to make, and with the skills you currently have, try to make it. If you come into a problem, you just post it and we’ll help you.

But if you don’t try to do things on your own, you won’t get anywhere.