Tooltip delay?

Hey all,

I have suddenly found the tooltips in Blender seem to show up too quickly. I am sure it hasn’t changed, but I was wondering if anybody knows which file I can edit to increase the delay? (A better solution would be to only show the tooltips if a modifier key was held down, but changing the delay would suffice for now.) I don’t want to turn them off completely because honestly Blender has so many tools and features I need to get more info on occasion. But I don’t need them popping up all the time when I am using the basics.

Just turn them off and press Alt when mouse hovering.

Thanks. Tried it but it isn’t working here. Blender 2.74 on Mac OS X 10.10.3. Tried hovering and pressing and pressing+holding ALT, CTRL, and the CMD keys.

I think you press Alt then hover with the mouse. As far as a delay, I looked through the User Prefs and didn’t see one.

Ah ha… gotcha. That got it. Kinda odd behavior but over the years I have gotten used to a lot of “odd” behaviors from the Blender interface that I now take for granted. I too poked around the prefs window and tabs looking for an adjustment for the delay but found nothing. I may spend some time going through the files inside Blender to see if I can find the tooltip timing to adjust manually.