Tooltips not showing

Things were running fine in Blender 2.49, but a few days ago the tooltips stopped working. I checked, and yes the Tool Tips button in Views & Controls is pushed in. If I did some nitwit thing to accidentally disable tooltips, it was something else. What else can I check to get them showing again?

Try Delete the files blender promising install

Because of the tooltips and other GUI quirkiness in other apps, I did reinstall some packages and downloaded a fresh copy of the current Blender 2.49, but still no tooltips.

BTW, I’m running Arch Linux with icewm windows manager, though I don’t think the problem has to do with the infrastructure Blender is running on. Possible some GUI toolkit library update has screwed up something.

It’s happened to me too, sometimes. But as something which seems to come and go of it’s own. Or maybe it’s only on certain versions (I have many, including jms’s and zebulon’s/meta-androcto’s)

Using WinXP pro.

Problem solved! Or rather, it went away. After a system update (new kernel etc) and reboot, Blender tooltips are ok. Also, some other UI quirks including keyboard repeat not working at all in any app, scrollbars in my main file manager, etc that I thought were just bugs in beta versions of software I was trying, all went away. It might have been a goofup in some low-level system software, perhaps a cosmic ray…

(Wow, I realize how rarely this computer gets rebooted.)