Toon Bond Statuette

Due to a mix of perfectionism and a tendancy to start new stuff before I finish current stuff, I rarely seem to make it to this part of the forums. Without further ado -

Blender internal. Used lightcuts, thought the result could be a little better as I didn’t know how to best use it yet, rendered another image with just a hemi and AAO then blended the two together.

I would have posted this a little while ago, but there was another chapter to the tale that never quite worked. I tried submitting this to Shapeways and through contact with the team (very helpful) it seemed like the way I modelled it was causing more issues than it was worth for a first model. That’s the reason for lack of texturing too, just wasn’t needed. I’ve started another one I might send with much simpler mesh structure, but still with plenty of detail. See how that goes.

Depending on how advanced shrinkwrap turns out in GSoC, I might try and use it to make a single mesh that would be far simpler for printing, but probably not worth the extra effort.

Excellent modeling, I love it. Give you 5 stars.

Lovely model ! nice job.

I told you several time already,

but, very nice work! I especially love the faces and the way you did her hair.


nice! people are hard to model for me, so you have my admiration!

Great style. Five stars from me.

Awesome!! Thats so cool :smiley:

I remember you starting this work to make 3d printed statue or the like. Did you get any made? Cos this would look awesome in real life. Nice work

Thanks all for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, I never got this physically printed in 3D but I tried. Hoping to do something else though.

really nice work.

Wow, very nice model!

Btw, how much it was going to cost you 3d-printing this?


Pepius - never got to the quoting stage as scale was a pretty big factor, ie. it had to be big enough so the fingers and such wouldn’t snap off but small enough not to cost too much. From what I’ve heard, most models are within the $50 - $150 US range from Shapeways, but there are so many factors that you need individual quotes.

As a big fun of cartoon style I really enjoy such models. Very nice piece!

A friendly critique :slight_smile:
In the context of the pistol and the action theme… it looks like they’re watching the sunset?!
The hand that wraps her waist is too “snaky” and chatches too much. Maybe her body should be bent at the waist for that reason and a face expresion for her would fit well.

Anyway, the modeling work is great (except the male shoes :slight_smile: ). A lot could be done with those two characters!

Excellent work buddy, the final models really came out well!

Really good example of style over realism!

Once again, thanks all. Very encouraging for me to try similar pieces later on.

@Syziph - I’ve ‘called it a day’ on this project, but thanks for the feedback, I agree. Due to a time factor the characters were posed without the help of a rig and they were modelled in a T pose each to get proportions right. As such, posing was a little harder than I thought it would be and the overall pose/composition became more imortant than the details, hence the snaky hand and the lack of expression on her face. His face - he’s Bond, and hence doesn’t shock easily.

Rarely do I see something so on the verge of perfection. Absolutely great.

Excellent image, the only problem I see is that you have some anti-aliasing issues. (Mainly noticeable along the edges of the woman’s skirt and hair.)

Excellent stuff. Here’s hoping you finish more projects soon.