Toon Cannon: need help to create group (library linking it).

Hi there everyone!

This is my latest .blend file, it’s very simple and it’s not realistic. YouTube video here >>>

Does anyone volunteer to group the cannon (for library linking usage)? I’m tired, many days working on this alone and a lot of failures… :frowning: I think there is some issues with my properties setup so i can’t make it modular… :o

Thank you very much for your interest!

Instructions: arrows to move “player”.
Here is the .blend file:


ToonCannonA.blend (37.3 KB)

Uhm, I am a bit tired of my rescent progress so it’ll be nice to have a little break. But I don’t really understand the thing ur trying to make here? Is it one of those cannon games in which you set te hight and speed?

I’ll help you make the cannon and maybe some cool rockets.

But I also can’t open your .blend so you’ll need to explain me your game just a bit better. :wink:

New version with simple animation cicle, no library link yet, sorry.


ToonCannonB.blend (162 KB)

It’s just a simple enemy. You could use it in any game. Can shoot at a certain angle and stop shooting after certain enemy distance (near sensor).

Please take a look at the you tube video for more details.