Toon car animation

Animation and rig made in blender. Coments are welcome of course.

This is really good job.Animation cartoonists tell stories with moving pictures. Different media are used such as ink, charcoal, pencil and paint on paper, modeling clay, puppets and computer software to create the illusion of movement when filmed.

I love it. Very cartoony. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is really amazing and good job Mr. Alex.This is very interesting animation.What is the secret of this animation could you please share for me.I like so much.I did not see this type of animation.It is wonderful.

Thanks for the comments. I like old cartoons exagerated, tex avery classic mickey mouse etc.
Douglaswilson, there is not really secret i tried to apply some animation principle, like squash and stretch and anticipation.
The rig itself is basic everything is mostly a lattice deformer and a controller driving a squash & stretch.

I love the way the wheels separate from the car. Now you need to add some sound effects.

Nice work man
I want to see more

very pro with great rig!