toon caveman

i´ve been wanting to do some animation lately so i decided to make a simple character to experiment with, i wanted to keep him as simple as i could so he would render quickly but still have a bit of flair

lol…he looks like one of the flinstones…

edit:how come he only has 4 fingers…and 4 toes…:confused:

looks great and looks like it would make for a funny animation

Most cartoon characters have only 4 fingers.

Good work. :ba:

He needs a sculpted club
BTW good modeling job

Reminds me of Alley Oop, any relations?
Good work though, simple yet charasteristic. Quite a departation of your usual work.

I really like the hands and feet - good shapes and character.

However, I feel the texturing lets it down quite a bit - the fur is fuzzy and the strap on it is too sharp. Needs to be a bit more consistent.

I’d also experiment with scaling the head up and down just to see if a more exaggerated form fits.

I do really like the skin and overall shape though. Hope this doesn’t come across as too negative, as it’s not meant that way. I just know from what I’m doing at the mo that nailing simple forms down just right is sometimes more difficult than more complex stuff where you can hide flaws in meaningless details.

track wrecka, yebb i think he might be fred flinstones and alley oops long lost cousin the missing link mabey?

brender, thanks man

trichter, yebb your absolutely right and thanks

spenn13, yeah i´m gonna give him some props when i figure out what i´m going to do with him and thanks

hippie, thanks yeah i felt like doing something a bit more fun for a change

kid tripod, thanks and i see what you mean with the texture and yes it´s very important to get your basic shapes right because you cant polish a turd