Toon Dinner

Hi all!

had a bit of free time this afternoon… after making this I realized that I must be hungry :slight_smile:

Hope you all like it…

I will post the blend file if anyone wants the models or materials…

Please let me know what you think :slight_smile:

very nice,
although the butter looks out of place on those peas

I wouldn’t say the butter is out of place on peas but I’d say white butter is
a) non-existant or
b) disgusting

Pure butter is, in fact, white.

cool render! I’d like to see the materials, if you don’t mind…

Hi all


sure here is the blend file:


Thanks for the nice coments :slight_smile:

yea butter is usualy creamy white (offyellow) I agre I could have added a bit more yellow tho…

Candall is 100% correct, real butter from 100% cream is pure white when it is fresh.

About the white butter, I was quite shocked that pure butter would be white so I did some “research”


So It’s definatly not white.

nhami nhami

So I take it that no one around here knows about “Swanson TV Dinners?”

They looked, and tasted, exactly like that.

They were definitely good enough to feed to your television, but definitely not good to eat.

My mother, for a while, served them often. :rolleyes:

I think in todays day and age, most people know about frozen dinners :stuck_out_tongue:

We got them too when we where kids, mom worked 2 jobs and part time school :frowning: no time to cook dinner for kids… (or herself most of the time)

Anyways, thanks for the funny joke sundialsvc4 :slight_smile:

they where pretty generic :stuck_out_tongue: