Toon Doll Thing

I was so bored yesterday. I didn’t feel like working on any other projects, so I just opened Blender and started making stuff. I played around with toon shading a bit, and this was the result. Tell me what you think. I don’t know if I’ll add anything to it or not. It’s just a doodle I suppose.

ya know, I have no idea why, but it kinda reminds me of teletubbies.

death to the teletubbies!!!

otherwise (at the risk of sounding gay) the image looks cute. Ok erm…I’m gonna go get wasted and pass out in a pool of my own vomit in order to reaffirm to myself that I’m not gay…

You know, you’re not the first person to tell me that. If it helps to make you feel less girly, we can pretend it’s a death robot or something that has killed like 98 people. I don’t know… Damn it. There’s nothing that can be done. It is… cute. :x

yup, it’s cute :smiley: :D. simple and funny.

regards, f41t3r.

its a weebob !

um… maybe it’ll help if we say that its actually a transformer that had a bad change of luck when it was partially destroyed and the only engineer that could put it back together again was the dude that makes the cartoon series “rollie pollie ollie”?

If its related to this then we all know its the most powerful explosive in the known universe.

It’s cuteness is just a part of its ploy! It ACTS cute, hoping you’ll pick it up and cuddle it. Then it bites you in the jugular and devours you as you slowly bleed to death!

say its cute with a manly grunt! and you’ll be fine 8)

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone mentioned good ol’ Bob-omb :slight_smile: I think maybe I’ll add a few more of them or something… perhaps an animation would be in order.

animate it exploding!! that’ll make me feel better. nothing like a few explosions as I watch on in amazement to remind me that I’m a man that likes destruction and women.

explode ?! yeah, it reminds me Happy Tree Friends :smiley: Wow, that’s a kind of idea, try to make a liitle 3d movie such like Happy Tree Friends :smiley:

what’s happy tree friends?

happy tree friends are the short flash stories about life of the couple citizens of forest. Try this links. ,

Happy Tree Friends, that’s Flash isn’t it? I suppose I could do something like that. That would be awesome. I’m not that great at animations, hence the zero animations I’ve posted :slight_smile:

I think you should use a toon shader on the green eyeblobs-- they look out of place realistically shaded.

Wow, that’s really cool. It reminds me of a moogle or something… :slight_smile:

Actually, the eyes do have toon shading applied. That’s odd. The only things that don’t are the arms and legs (?). I just forgot to hit the button.

I think I must’ve been in a Final Fantasy mood when I made it, because the bonbon does resemble a moogle.

Oh, I found the problem. They were toon shaded, but the smoothness was also set fairly high. Fixed it, and I’ll post an updated version when I get something more done with it.