Toon edge rendering, does it have to be an edge?

I was wondering if the toon edge can somehow be set up to render an outline over a “single line”, which wont be an edge but rather just a part of a flat plane?

In short, I want to know if I can make it so that I get edges around the plane (as I do by default), but also down the middle line of the same plane, without making an edge in the middle.

Thank You.

PS: Also, how do I controll the thickness of the toon outline lines? I cant seem to find the settings for that.

edges can have their color and thickness changed in the render buttons if you enable the unified renderer option

transparent faces don’t have edges

I don’t understand what you want by a line down the middle of a plane that you can’t achieve with textures…

I’ve also secretly pined for an option of selecting edges throughout a mesh to have a black line whereever I wanted it, since the lines would be uniform with the outline ‘cel’ as opposed to a black line texture. Possible steps: 1.Select edges 2.Hotkey menu [mark as toon edge?] 3.Turn on toon edge 4. Have an option in toon edge menu [use designated edges as lines] 5. Render…
I’ve explained poorly, me thinks…Is this anything like you would want(but don’t exist)?

z3r0 d:

This explains perfectly 1)What I want, and 2)Why I want it.

Normals guess was right on, and he explained my problems with the “line consistency” perfectly.

Now, is there an option in blender that can make that happen, or does it simply not exist as Normal previously stated?

If not, is there any other way to make the lines “look” consistent/uniform.

PS: z3r0 d, I cant find those settings for “outline thickness”, can you please be more specific?


Can someone at least tell me “precisely” how to controll the thickness of the toon edge lines.

here the edge settings


Bob, thanks, but I already know about those settings, and either way I set them up the results dont come out as I would want them.

Originally what I wanted was a way to keep lines consistent, and for a way to mark specific lines on the mesh as edges, in order to show the features on the front (that I wanted to look hand drawn), without the fading which I marked up in the picture above. (If you read a few posts back, “Normal” explained my dillema well.)

At this point, after some considerable time, I am ready to settle for just a simple method on how to make the outline lines “pencil thin”.

If anyone knows how, please help, I would really appreciate it.

sorry but I think this is not possible with Blender. This needs an dedicated NPR renderer like Sketch&Toon for Cinema4D or Maya’s Vector renderer.


Thank you bobtronic, now I know.

While it’s not currently possible with Blender, you don’t need a dedicated NPR renderer for it. The ones you mentioned above are more geared towards creating flash animations, which is wholly another topic. Toon lines may not be Blender’s strong point but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone cam up with a way to do them better through python.

Here’s what blender seems to be doing: it figures out whether or not faces should have a toon line, and what kind of line they should have, by their angle to the camera, their angle to other faces, and by whether or not they stand alone (IE, they are at an object’s edge). While this works the two main problems with that approach are 1) it doesn’t take into account differences in materials, and 2) it doesnt’ take into account object boundaries-- toon lines are calculated by scene, so if faces in two separate objects line up well enough you won’t see a line between them.

You can artifically create lines between faces by selecting the face / edge, hitting YKEY (split), and then moving the faces only the tiniest bit apart. Doing so can get results like this:

… but this leaves your model full of holes. Until a new method of drawing the toon lines comes about this is basically all you can do.

On changing how the lines look: you could do a lines-only render by changing the materials in your scene to plain white shadeless (same for the background color). This renders the lines and then afterwards you can go over them in post:

This would allow you to fatten lines as you saw fit. Not the best solution for a full animation, but with some photoshop or gimp automated actions you could feasibly render two passes – the normal texture pass and the line pass – and then composite them back together.

I’m sure none of the above is what you wanted to hear, but I hope at least some of it helps.

Ha ha, you are absolutely right kattkieru, it’s not what I wanted to hear.

I was actually aware of the “split mesh” method, but as you said; it left the model full of holes. Your suggestion for the lines sounds valid, but all that post pro gives me a headache.

It would be really nice if someone came up with a py script to handle those issues.

Thanks for all your help.

If you know somone who can script freestyle to work with blender I think there should be a way to get any style you want:).
I seen a lot of new external renders pop up,but non do NPR:(.

Don’t want to be picky but Sketch&Toon has nothig to do with Flash, believe me :slight_smile: I use it all the time for my cell renderings and it’s great for outlines/strokes.