Toon Edges, AntiShift?


See page 54 of this online PDF tutorial, there is an option for a thing called “AntiShift”. What does this do, and why is the option not found under my toon edge settings?!

Actually what I would like to do is make my toon edges thicker, perhaps even up to five pixels, so the line weight is correct for LARGE toon renders of 3000X3000 or higher. Is there ANY way to do this?

But what I am doing is exporting the toon edge layer as a separate file for autotracing in illustrator, trying to get clean results.

As a bonus, I’d love to know if there is a script or method of producing sketchy or toon renders without creating a node set-up of huge complexity.

Total hack But this works. Dup the mesh. Re scale it to fatten up a bit around the mesh. Assign it a black or whatever color material, hit shadeless. Then hit Zinvert! Bam edges!

But that barely works. Since it does not know of depth. The old trick was to make a mesh flip normals and size. That one was really cool. But alas does not seem to work now.