Toon Edges

I need to make edges for toon-like characters. The standard edges in the system don’t fit my needs, because they are too thick. What I want would be something that would blend into each character/object, like the edges on this:

The lines in that picture look like actual modelled bands on the model, like rubber seals and such, rather than a post-pro effect…

Or do you mean the lines on his hands and such?
To do that I’d bevel the hands, and add a new black material to the new bevelled edges.
There may well be a better way to do it, but this would probably give you the most control.

I meant the outlines of the character. The standard edges system is to thick for me to prefferably use. I need to make them thinner.

This might help.

make a ramp shader with maybe a verry narrow 3 band setup in the middle, to define this fast gradient on the edge of light/darkness, experiment with ramp modes (result may be good or sth, i don’t remember) the rest can be archieved by proper light setup and the famous glow plugin :smiley:

But that’s only a blind shot, I am an ignorant in this area.


The way to get the standard outline tool to create fine lines in blender is to render a very large image with lines turned on and then scale the entire photo down to where you want. Lines will only find the outside of an object. Lines will only be in a single color.

hmm Yeonil, ramp shader as a toon shader . . . have to check that out.