Toon Effect WIP

Hi all,

Just working on a toon style character in preparation for my final uni project.

I’d be interested in your thoughts, especially in regards to the ‘unusual’ hair (see vid). Screenshot is at resolution in game. Anti-aliasing is forced through Nvidia control panel.

YouTube Video and Blog Entry


I have some other bits and bobs on my blog which may be of interest too:

Is that a custom toon shader, or a built in one? It looks pretty good and toon-like. Nice job.

lol look like she has a bunch eggs on her head lol

The hair looks great. The only suggestion I have is that (if possible) you should have that polka dotted texture follow her, and shrink when the camera moves away from her/vice versa. That way, you get the flat illustrated look, but you also get the feeling that she’s self contained and doesn’t have a head window to another static dimension. It retains the feeling of an object moving. The outlines are well done.

Yeah, I agree, the shrinking would be a better idea. Also if they were somehow flatly projected, but you could still move around them so they didn’t follow the camera. No idea how I would do that though.

Here’s a few of the Blends including the final character, as per requested in the vid comments.


cellshadesuccess.blend (143 KB)charactertest.blend (190 KB)floral.blend (47 KB)

I like the hair and toon effect, it looks great.
The model could be better, especially the legs and arms.

But if you like them I advice you’d keep it this way. :slight_smile: