Toon effect with Cook Torr Algorithm

Very simple image created in less than five minutes.
Textures made with The Gimp.
It’s an example, that shows you how to create advanced toon shading effect with CookTorr algorithm.
We will need four lamps to do it.
One spot light without shadow for main scene lighting with energy set above 2.00,
cloned spot with buffered shadow and shadow only option selected,
two point lights at down and right edge.
Place them very close to object and floor, try to minimize reflections at all surfaces.

Do you know this sentence by Lary Gritz “If something looks good, it is good” from Siggraph courses of Render Man interface.

So, now i have to work with something, that doesn’t look good from my side :wink:



I think it’s pretty nice. One thing i’ve been playing with is ramp shading, but I’ve had some problems creating toon-shaded objects with textures.

I must be toooooo stupid, can anybody post a 3d view or blend file? Thanx in advance.