Toon Fish Pipi

Hey everyone, Micra is not around, but I just finished up the colors on Pipi. Crits welcome!


Nice job man! Looks pretty nice, maybee make the lines a little smoother? Or blur it out a little to make it less agressive.

There are some updates at the project.

We are planning to do some things like making several fishes, we have named three allready. Their names are, Pipi, Blub and Stur. We want also little guppie fishes. And we are planning to make a Film poster, so we can promote the animation a little bit. We hope to do this next week(s) more things like environment modeling, texturing Blub and Stur, Also rigging has to be done for both of the charakters, modeling the other small fishes for the guest rolls, making and recording sounds for the animation, animate and much later the publish! NFollmer has make allreadt a storyboard so we can start making some details allready. We hosting atm a ftp server to store all files, so we have to be a little organised to render later on.

I persenaly hope that we finaly find somebody that wants to help us with the animating the movie, because that can be a little much for me alone. We are planning to make the animation to be arround at least 2 minutes. But that is relative to time and ideas.

So if you want to help us animating or rigging, you are more then welcome!

nice little fishy very low poly to. good for a short animation

Heh, I would help but I don’t have much experience with character animation.