Toon Fishing

It’s been awhile since i’ve posted any of my work, probably because it’s all bad, but anyway this was a cartoon i made for an english project. The final resolution was only 126 pixels tall, so image quality didnt matter then, but i’d like to know how i can make it better. Oh, and I no longer use Angelfire thankfully. The entire thing is subsurf, and the characters are not rigged for time’s sake, but i will be doing it soon.

c&c please


the position of the fishing pole looks awkward… :wink:

and the pole would only be bent if it were trying to reel in a fish, but it doesnt look like that is whats happening…

great toon shading!

increase the Emit value to get rid of those horrid completely black shadow areas. Nice though.

the guy on left been living in a hole. why is he so pale

:o this is very good :o

I especially like the way the shading goes - it looks like it was hand drawn (any pp there?)

The pole may look better if it will be more divided , and each section bent seperately

Heck, I’m partial to toons. You can rig whatever world you like and the rules are completely different. I like it.