Toon Gothic girl (Up)

Hello everybody,
I start a new wip with a toon girl

The wire

And the new hand (not totally finish)

C&C are welcome

I got no experience with organic stuff but that looks really good

I like the manga-looking hair very much. But instead of giving her a hippy-pants, you can maybey make some sort of nice gothic-robe?

Wow, I’m going for a cartoon style in my work as well, and I have to say this is beautiful. Every detail on this character reflects her style, and in particular the way you’ve done the hair and eyelashes should be a model for everyone wanting to achieve toon results. A low poly work of art. Don’t change a thing.

Great hair and “glowing renders”; very clean mesh. Keep it goin’!

:o Thx :wink:

Rozmiarek: The glow wad done with luxrender

A little up, a test of glasses (black and pink)
personnaly, i prefer the pink glasses, they give her a “Baba-Gothic” style :smiley:

That is so great!

shes kinda cute XD

Arms are super long…

Nice work! I dig the surly facial expression.

very nice XD im liking the shader youre using for her!

Excellent, i love this girl ! Beautifull face and piercing, great render but the clothes are a little too simple

Hey great job, love it… Kinda cute and absolutely well done =)
The only thing I have to point is that the place of the wrist and the hands seems a little to flat I think, specially in the junction… But your model rocks =)

Do you have some new updates? As this is a month and a half old… I expect that you didn’t quit of this project, it would be a shame ^^