Toon Head

was experimenting with toon shading while taking a break from working on my orc. Here’s what I came up with:

It looks like real plastic.

Try making the reflections more cartoony.

You’ve model great head,would like to see it from another angle.

Only crit is your skin shading is too shiny,turn down or turn off the spec.

It looks a lot like a character from Keanu Reeve’s new movie A SCANNER DARKLY. They draw over actual people’s faces to achieve this certain effect.

:smiley: swishsticks like it!

except the neck ending

and the eyes look too small :-?

very good head, the effect looks great on it.

only crit, as said, the spec

Thanks everyone!

Arr Matey!! - yeah, I see what you mean. I lowered the spec on the alternate angles I included here

RONIN - thanks! here are a couple more angles, minus the beard and hair. I lowered the spec as well.

Timmah_45 - indeed lol watching the trailer for the movie inspired me to play with the toon shader. The teqnique they used is called rotoscoping and the movie is made by the same person who did waking Life, which had a similar animated effect.

fly - thanks! Yeah, the neck is too narrow, and the eyes are too small and too far apart. This is an old head mesh I recycle just to experiment with

Roger - thanks very much!

I would recommend using the toon shader for the specularity, too. If you aren’t already doing that…

wow realy nice. I love it.

i like the hair a lot.


meant how the neck ends not the necks end

wah_tak - I was using the toon shader for the spec as well, but since everyone said it made him look too plasticy, I reduced it by quite a bit.

the_one - thanks very much! The hair was actually the hardest part for me because I’ve never modeled hair before like that.

fly - my mistake lol didn’t feel like adding a whole body for just a shader test, and the neck is actually a bit too thin.

thanks everyone!

Hey great head modeling…

For the spec [and this isnt a crit] try darkening the spec color… and maybe increase the smooth value a tiny bit…



MIght I ask what are your shade settings. A very nice job!