Toon isometric animation

Hey all,
Been working on a new personal project over the past week on and off and currently during my Christmas break, and would like some critique. The idea for the project is mainly about what lies at the bottom of a sink full of dishes. While I’m trying to keep geo simple, I’m not necessarily going for low poly but more of a toon aesthetic with flat simple colors. Thanks!


nice work man
everything looks amazing, other than that the water surface doesnt move at all,
it might be because its a WIP maybe
the moment the ship landed on the water, the dishes sould move a little , also when the tentecals came outh,

but its an awesome work :slight_smile:

Need fancy splashes when ship landed to water surface same with tentacles. And water needs some waves. Then it would look great. Good look.

Thanks alf0! I love the idea of the dishes moving a little to add some secondary animation. Also agree with the waves. They are moving, but I guess they’re a little too subtle…

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Thanks CYNIC78! Great idea for the splashes, that could definitely add some more fun to the scene. I can see your comment for the water. It is moving, guess it’s a little too subtle right now…

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I’ve made some suggestions based on the feedback given. Thanks everyone for the critique

I think I’m going to call this complete for now. Additional stuff I would change or add, would be going outside the scope of this project. Looking forward to starting 2019 with fresh ideas!