toon-like character

i made this character in about like half an hour or less. when i was done, i thought it could kinda belong in the nightmare before christmas or somethin along da lines like that:

so any crits u have at all would be nice to hear. oh heres another pic (to better see the hands):

PS: i made eyes, but i forgot to save them :slight_smile: woops!

It could defeinitely use some more work.
I don’t really like the outfit it’s wearing.
It should be thinner like your model.
And the head is faceless, so I don’t know what to say about it.
In Nightmare before X-mas style you could make the hands bigger so in case of animation you can add a lot of detail in them.
Is it supposed to be feetless?

This needs a LOT more work before it could fit in with the nightmare before christmas. The sholders are non-existant and it’s got huge trap. muscles. Needs a face. The limbs look like nothing more then twigs, try to beef them up a bit, you can keep them skinny but show some sort of definition to the different areas. The hands need a LOT of work unless it’s a cousin of Scissorhands, like Icepicfingers or something. It also needs some feet. I would suggest doing the gingerbread man tutorial, then move onto a few other more complex tutorials before working on this more, to better understand the tools at your disposal.

I also agree. I also think Toon is the wrong title for this model. Nightmare before x-mas is a clay-mation movie not 3D Cg.

I would not use this is an animation because the body needs tons of work. I would redo the entire thing really. I do like the hands and arms however. Also you should spend most of your time on the head. The Face is the most important thing in a Toon Character(if thats what your going for)

Toon Generally means bubbly and Cartoony. Lots of Round edges. Not hard lines and Dark figures.

Yes, I also think you should redo the whole thing. There are some places on the mesh that reflect badly (on the torso, for example).

Also, you could try to give the body more “shape” in refining the mesh…

yeah, i didn’t like it too much either. well thanks for the crits anyways!!

I think you can still use this.
But you could remodel the clothes.
And how about this. A tall, small character as this needs a lot of emotion in the way it acts, walks, sits.
You can do this by giving it long arms.
I think this is also the case with the char in NBXmas.
Somebody on this forum is doing a char of the new Corpses bride anim.

thanks vliegtuig. ill do ur idea of increasnig the arms length. and ill take the idea of remodelling the clothes (which everybody it seems thought of!) does anybody have any good ideas in mind?

I hope this might be a source of inspiration to you.