toon modeling environments/houses

I know your suppose to exaggerate on windows and not make them perfect but, is there away to get an idea from a picture using Photoshop or illustrator to get an idea of turning a real place into a toon model?

here is two pictures I got off the internet from google images. one is a cartoon house one is a regular house. Seems to me some houses cant really be changed to look like a cartoon house.

I’m thinking maybe I could exaggerate the windows and use a boom effect along with color grading to help make the scene cartoon but still use realistic textures or same color swatches to the house that is being modeled. anybody have any ideas or suggestions?

I thank you in advance to anybody who answers this post.


You could try separating the objects and part into selections that you can then use the liquify filter on or the warp tool.

Straight lines are a big killer, the walls should get wider at the tow, the roof should bow, the umbrella could be bent a little, etc. Use your imagination :wink:

NID Graphics said it: “use your imagination”.
Your cartoon world should evoke magic, fantasy, joy; it should possess unexpected colors, inanimate objects should have ‘personality’.
Try to remember your childhood, and the fun/joy you experienced watching good animation. Study the work of great animation studios and illustrators (Disney, Fleischmann, Looney Tunes, and more). They were analog, and brilliant.

It’s not formulaic work. Most important: HAVE FUN!!

Sometime you can try to play with the proportional editing, results can be cartoony

By example, very basic house

A bit of subdividing to have something to work with

Then after enabling proportional editing you can play with scaling or moving some edge loop

And suddenly your basic house get a more cartoony feeling, i think NID Graphics is spot on, straight lines are usually breaking the cartoony feel of an image