Toon monkey

Well, since I stopped getting replies in the Work in progress forum I decided it was time to try and get some focused critics.
P.S I’m getting desperate for replies:(
P.P.S Does anyone know a very good SVN build for fur?:spin:


im not into the SVN’s but i’ve been able to get particles to do just nicely for fur :slight_smile:

nice model btw

Well, do you know any good fur tutorials or tips?

sure i was just looking for it

here’s a bunch of video tutorials for blender there’s a fur one in there - it’s simple but its a great foundation

Thanks alot.

Yeah, the one project Peach is using. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I like the character, but the eyes look a bit flat. Add a feeling of depth to them somehow.

Which one is that? :D:pand Thanks.:D:)
P.S About the eyes, do you have any suggestions?:wink:

about the eyes…

  1. don’t pull the iris in quite that far
  2. don’t make them completly shadeless
  3. if you want to get rid of that hard edge between the iris and the rest, you’ll probably have to UV map it (that way, you could also get rid of the procedural iris pattern)

oh, by the way, I really like the monkey, perfect for animating! (reminds me of monkey island :D)

Who know’s a good eye tutorial other than <i>how to make a pixar looking eye?

This is an attempt at making fur. Any comments?:spin::smiley: Which one do you prefer? Do I really nead fur? Questions that need answers!:wink:


Does anybody have any rigging tips because I’m going to start rigging my fellow monkey? Also, which lighting on the images below is the best? Please give me tips on how to improve it or find a clear tutorial on lightingl?

Thank you very much for your collaboration fellow Blenderists

Sincerely Falcron

P.S Is it possible that I make a short with this guy even with my amateurish skill level
P.P.S +‘´¯)BonE(¯`’+: I don’t understand what you mean about UV mapping


I would appreciate some more critics please.:spin: Please post some constructive critics so I could improve my character.:spin:

Looks good. My tip on rigging is just try it, and if it doesn’t work unlikely then try again or ask us. Are you in fact using the SVN build?, because hair is a piece of cake with that Blender.

No I’m not because there are so many so its not very clear for me which to choose from:no:

Try this one. I don’t know if it has hair, but I’m almost positive it does.

Why is it a .rar file, I don’t know what to do with it.

.rar files are similar to .zips - they’re archived files

you’ll need a .rar archiver to read it (you can get one at i believe)

i extracted it.:smiley:

This is what I got. I need HELP!:eek::spin: I don’t understand the clumping.


I’ve used that SVN build:D(it renders slowly:no:) but I succeeded in making a little scene even though I didn’t use SSS. The results are pretty satsfactory:cool:. Any critics? Any tips?:spin: